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From among natural curative resources, mineral waters and sulphuric mud are applied. Mineral water is the most frequently applied in a bathtub at temperature ranging from 35°C to 38°C. The temperature can be optimised, according to the physician's prescription. Each application lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. Further application is available in a swimming-pool with a water temperature of 38°C to 40°C, and where application can be varied using depth of immersion or duration from 5 to 30 minutes. The swimming pools with their natural bottom layer are an unusual attraction at Piešťany, where thermal mineral water rises directly through the mud layer creating a thinned mud bath. Thermal water is also used in effervescent and carbonic baths. A physician determines the duration, form and frequency of application.

The mud procedures are administered in the form of partial or total packs. The technique of preparation and administration guarantees application under the strictest hygienic conditions. The quantity of mud administered depends on the application, ranging from 5 kg to 70 kg. The temperature of the applied mud varies from 40°C to 46°C, while the application time varies from 15 to 25 minutes according to the physician's recommendation.

Along with these natural curative resources, we use a rich variety of rehabilitation methods and techniques at our spa resort, which are constituent parts of treatment in accordance with the latest research on curative rehabilitation. The attending physician decides on the rehabilitation procedures for every individual patient. These are then performed and conducted by the rehabilitation staff.

A substantial component of the rehabilitation programme in our spa resort is remedial gymnastics. For the greater part of spa guests, this is the single most efficient treatment, and excellent treatment results can be achieved. It focuses on encouraging and toning, affecting the circulation and breathing as well as the stability of vegetative balance and increasing immune defence systems. It also shows favourable effects on the motor apparatus, increasing muscle force and endurance and increasing the range of joint mobility. Exercises are performed both individually and in groups, in water, on hangers or pulleys, in the form of dry as well as water traction. A suitable supplement is rehabilitation swimming. From newer procedures, facilitation methods, mobilisation techniques, electro-stimulation caressing techniques etc. are frequently applied.

Cooled mineral water is also applied for water-treatment procedures. These include underwater massages, whirlpool baths and Scottish showers (cold and warm water stream changing, used for hardening and organism relaxation). Again, the physician determines the temperature, time and type of water treatment applied.

One of the oldest but very popular physical healing methods is the curative massage. We apply traditional as well as reflex massages in our spa resort.

In the frame of bath treatment, electric treatment has its fixed position. This kind of physical therapy has still been improving in our baths and is supplemented with new machines, according to the updated scientific findings. Various forms and kinds of galvanic, dia-dynamic and interference streams. When overheating with high-frequency streams, we follow the same principle as in balneo-therapy. We apply ultrasound successfully, as well as magneotherapy and various kinds of light therapy from artificial sources.

With a long tradition in Pieštany, manipulative treatment is successfully applied to functional impediments of the motor apparatus. Specially trained physicians carry out the work.

In some cases, excellent results can be observed after acupuncture, which is performed by specially trained physicians. In individual cases, also treatment using medication is contained in the complex bath treatment, which is necessary sometimes.

Curative nutrition is a significant part of comprehensive spa treatment. The diet system in our spa resort is based on the physiological principle, providing balanced diets. The calorific content of the diet respects the loading of patient during balneotherapeutic applications.

Psychotherapy also represents a necessary part of our treatment process. It is provided by physicians, medical staff and, when necessary, clinical psychologists. Patients with so-called psychosomatic disorders represent a special group. Already the place of bath itself represents a factor of great importance for relaxation and therapy of affected psyche.

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